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Our core values are an inherent part of our company and will not be compromised.

We believe in

Minimal Design

Minimal Logistics

Minimal emissions

Minimal packaging

Minimal weight

Minimal costs

Minimal transportation

Minimal volume

Minimal production

Minimal planet abuse

Minimal waste

Minimal energy

Be minimal.


Our core values

All of our suppliers and business collaborators are expected to act in accordance with our values and we will not accept or ignore violations of any of those values.

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We believe in equality, human rights, privacy, freedom of speech, and the right to determine one's way of life for all.

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We care about the environment. The environment is of most importance to us. we take all necessary steps to protect the environment.

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We object to and discredit all forms of violence, whether physical, verbal, psychological, or sexual.

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Nature lovers

Humans share this planet with animals. We never harm or abuse animals.

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