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Soap Bubbles

Changing Approach


Let's stop making the globe filthy

while we wash ourselves ...

White Powder



An average European family uses more than 200 bottles of hand soap, shampoo, body wash and other self-care products every year.

These products are mostly plastic bottles filled with water and some active ingredients.
So, you are buying a whole lot of water that you already have at home and plastic that you will soon throw away

You pay too much for this.

And so does our planet.

We develop advanced eco-friendly, healthy, and economical products that will change the way we consume hygiene products.

We will produce and sell water-soluble capsules that contain all the necessary active ingredients.

Instead of buying a bottle filled with the product, the user buys a solid capsule with a volume of only up to 20% of the ordinary product, puts it in a specially designed, reusable bottle, fills it with water from the tap, and in a short time receives a high-quality finished product (shampoo / body soap / hand soap / conditioner / floor cleaner / dishwashing soap / natural home cleaning products / mouthwash, etc.).

Our Recipe, Smart and Easy

GNH 6_edited.png

Reusable aluminum and stainless-steel bottles 


Hundreds of reuses

GNH 7.png

Concentrated capsule of active ingredients 


At least 80% smaller in volume than the ordinary product

עמי 8_edited_edited.png

Natural active ingredients  

Minimal synthetic content

No environmentally harmful additives

עמי 9.png

Water from user’s tap

Zero water transportation

More than 90% reduction in the need for trucks, ships, warehouses and other facilities 

עמי 10.png

Recycled, compostable and minimal paper package


Zero waste product

More than 99.9% reduction in packaging production

Crystal Salt

Minimal is pure.

Our products are designed to be less expensive, environmentally friendly, of superior quality, aesthetic and easy to use.

Our 5 pillars 

Saving coins

Money Saving


White Powder

Great Quality 


Dead Sea Scenery

Eco - friendly 


Bath Accessories




Smart and Easy


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